"The book was absolutely, positively fantastic. I loved it so much. It was probably the best book I ever read. And I've got a name for the wizard, Ozzwald!"-2nd Grade Student

The Great Story World Mix-Up

A book series for children.

What would happen if someone mixed-up all the stories ever created?  Penelope and Jilly are about to find out. When the sisters discover a secret room hidden in the old library they also find the globe of Story World, a magical land where all the stories ever created reside.  When they accidentally break the globe it shatters into a million puzzle pieces.  Penelope, a real world minded science girl and Jilly, a fairy tale expert who believes in magic, try to put the pieces back together but instead they are transported to Story World where they are introduced to characters from fact and fiction with BIG problems they never imagined. 

The Great Story World Mix-Up blends fact and fiction making reading fun while introducing children to new characters and literary genres.   Use this site to explore teachers resources for each book in the series including a brief overview, book group discussion questions and customizable activities appropriate for multiple grades levels.  Companion books that let students dive a little deeper into the original characters and stories behind the Great Story World Mix-Up books are available as well.

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